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7 Steps for Avoiding Germs While lashing

As lash artists, we get up close & personal with our clients. So how do we avoid germs and keep ourselves fit and healthy during the season of coughs, colds and flu? It's quite simple really. Minimise your exposure to germs with our 7 easy tips. Staying healthy will allow you to be the best lash artist you can be. 1. Wear a face mask. A face mask will act as a barrier between any germs and your nose and mouth-- the two areas which happen to be the most sensitive places to catch illnesses. Wearing a face mask while lashing is a MUST. Our favourite reusable face mask is Vogmask. For one-time use masks, we recommend: a Disposable Face...

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10% of Sales to Save Australia

We're donating 10% of Lash Heaven sales to help save Australia. Over 1 billion animals have died in the Australian wildfires. Find out how your order can help rescue and care for animals who are suffering from this awful tragedy.

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Why Salon Hygiene Matters

The Cleanest Salon On The Block Growing your lash business involves more than just delivering a beautiful set of lashes. Offering a clean, hygienic environment for your clients is essential to building a reputable salon. First impressions matter to your clients—so make sure you’ve swept the floors, laid out newly washed, clean-scented towels or silky couch roll, and sanitised all your lash tools properly and effectively. Clients trust their lash artists with the most delicate part of their face—their eyes. They deserve professionals who follow clear and strict sanitising procedures and use the right cleaning equipment. Wow them with your top-notch lash skills, but keep them coming back by offering a friendly and hygienic environment. Here are 5 ways to...

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