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Christmas Gift Guide: Lash Edition

With the holidays around the corner, we’re jumping in to offer a helping hand with our Christmas Gift Guide. Remember that this time of year should be filled with happiness and laughter, so don't get too caught up stressing over gifts. Time with your loved ones is always the most important. But that being said, we all like to gift and so if you’re running around frantically trying to find something for your lash besties, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out our top 10 gifts for the lash lover in your life…

  1. Keep it clean! 

Our fave product this year—the UVC LED Steriliser. Keep all tools, products and even your keys clean and germ-free. This product makes the sterilisation process simple, convenient and affordable for everyone. It’s portable and will save any beautician's time, so they can focus on what they do best!

  1. All you need kit 

We offer ready-made kits on our website, packed with all our fave products—perfect for the new lash artist! Don’t rack your brains trying to think of what items your lash bestie needs, we’ve already put them into kits ready to go. You're welcome. 

  1. We all need a tea break

And if your tea is just going to sit there looking pretty and getting cold while you lash your life away, it might as well be sitting in a funny mug. #relatable 

  1. Best-selling glue

Fierce Black is hands down our best selling glue. It’s fast, thin in consistency, perfect for classic or volume and has a wide range of humidity. Need we say more?

  1. Get snap happy

Taking pictures is an important part of any lash artist’s life. Good pictures = good business. In our salon, we love using these clip on lens to really up our photo game. You get 3 in the pack, and the macro lens is the golden gem! Using this can really improve your social media, in turn getting more clients. Win-win! 

  1. Slogan tee

What’s better than a lash related t-shirt? Nothing beats a cute and quirky top to wear to work, to the shops, to the gym, basically everywhere, because let’s be honest, lashes are life and everyone should know it. 

  1. An Intense tray of lashes

Our Intense Lashes are irresistibly dark, fluffy and super easy to fan with. And we can confirm—you can never have enough lash trays. 

  1. Hot water bottle

The perfect companion on a cold lashing day.  It will keep them nice and warm while they do their thing! Simple, cute and thoughtful. Points all round. 

  1. Portable speaker

Nobody wants an awkward lash room. Whether it’s to play subtle quiet music or whether you want to get in the party mood, a portable speaker can change your whole lashing vibe for the better!

  1. Gift of choice

If you still can’t decide, we’re going to make this easy for you. Grab a Lash Heaven gift card and let them use it for what they want!. Available as a £10, £25, £50 or £100 gift card. 


For any further help or advice, please feel free to contact us on

Happy shopping! :)

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