Fierce Black Adhesive - Lash Heaven
Fierce Black Adhesive - Lash Heaven
Fierce Black Adhesive - Lash Heaven
Fierce Black Adhesive - Lash Heaven


Fierce Black Adhesive


*We do not advise stocking up on large quantities of glues. We recommend you only purchase glues that you intend to use within the next 1-2 months and make sure you store them appropriately.

Fierce Black lash adhesive is a very fast drying glue, thin in consistency, and works ideally between 20 - 25C degrees. Fierce Black has a wide range of humidity 30-80% (but ideally between 45-65%) and is perfect for both classic and volume lash extensions. It is also ideal at competitions, where speed is crucial.

Fierce is unique as it always has 1-2 seconds dry time, no matter what % humidity level as it adjusts automatically to the environment. If the natural lashes are a tad damp, the glue instantly grabs like magnet when it gets in contact with the extensions and the natural lash.

We advise a patch test at least 48hrs before the treatment by applying approximately 10 extensions on client's eye.

Drying Time:1- 2 Seconds
Retention: 4-5 Weeks
Viscosity: Very Thin
Humidity: 20-80%
Colour: Black
Fumes: Low
Flexibility: None
Storage: 18-24C DegreesCelsius (cool dark place)
Shelf life: 6 months after filling (see date on the bottom of the bottle). Once opened, use within 2 months.

Before using the adhesive, please shake the bottle vigorously for 20 seconds with the lid on. Open the lid when bottle is upright. Gently squeeze a small blob on your stone with a disposable glue sticker to prolong the freshness of the glue on the stone. Ensure the nozzle is clean before closing the lid tight. Store the glue bottle upright, in a cool and dark place away from heat and direct light.

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