INTERVIEW: Behind the Lashes Podcast

INTERVIEW: Behind the Lashes Podcast

Enjoy this guest blog post by Joanna Lee, lash artist, educator and creator of the podcast Behind the Lashes. Here, Joanna shares with us her motivation for creating the series and why it's so important to connect and learn from fellow lash artist professionals in the time of Coronavirus lockdown.

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As the new dawn broke on our world’s new reality, thanks to a nasty little bugger otherwise known as Covid 19 – I decided that I would put my old broadcasting skills (I was a television presenter before I discovered lashes) to good use and combine them with my knowledge and good connections in the lash industry to create this podcast for you all. 

I felt strongly about creating this piece of social history. A kind of time capsule in podcast form. It’s a simple but powerful concept – 22 lash artists from around the globe are interviewed in depth during their first interviews. I poke around in their past, asking about childhood, schooling, early ambitions and family life, away from their lash personas.

Hence, the title of the series. This will give the listener such insight into some of the industry’s biggest and best loved names in a way that hasn’t been done before. Names such as Trina Dial Horne of Maven, Hanna Putjato, Vicky Rugg, Cindy Nicholls, Jade Jones and of course Sylvia Liu, to name but a few!

From there I revisit them every 2 weeks, to check in and see how they are coping with lockdown and all the challenges that Coronavirus brings with it and it is this shared experience that makes this podcast series such compelling listening. As lash artists we are all facing the same or similar practical challenges and emotions. It’s a rollercoaster ride and not an easy one but by listening to these women, sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings but also practical tips and advice, I hope that you will feel less isolated.

The fact that this podcast takes us overseas (US, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Norway and Sweden) provides an added layer of fascination. Hear how those faraway lash artists might be having similar emotions and practical issues as us in the UK but also hear from those whose governments have not even locked them down. They are still lashing….imagine that!

Isolation is a bitter pill for all of us to swallow and goodness knows where this is all taking us but it is the sharing of such experiences and glimpsing the lives of others in similar circumstances and hearing from those who understand what makes us tick as lash artists will make us feel less alone.

Why not give them a listen. You can find them on Anchor FM, Spotify and Apple podcasts.There are a lot to keep you busy, don’t be put off by the sheer quantity.

Try listening to the 22 first interviews and then cherry pick those artists who resonate with you the most. They are super easy listening – full of laughs, insight and lash tips but there are some tears too.

Enjoy! ‘Behind The Lashes’ with Joanna Lee (Flashlash)

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