8 tips to be salon ready after lockdown

8 tips to be salon ready after lockdown

With the 1st August re-opening just around the corner, we know you must be super busy taking care of all things business, sanitising and more. Although it is a very exciting time for beauty entrepreneurs and artists after many months of uncertainty, we understand how challenging and overwhelming going back on track can be.

Here are some recommendations that might help you organising your time and routine ahead. Hopefully our tips will help taking some pressure off so you can truly appreciate how good is to be gradually back to normal, busy life.


  1. Plan ahead

Spend some time to write down your list of easy-to-follow steps for the 'before & after' appointments routine. Send your guidelines in advance to staff and customers to help yourself to answer any questions ahead. In this way, you would manage your time more efficiently, knowing that everyone is on the same page.


  1. Contact-free greetings

Consider opting for a contact free welcome such as a wave, air kisses or air high five! Have fun, don't be shy about it, we’re all in this together, right?


  1. Temperature checks

Invite your staff and customers to become familiar with temperature checks upon arrival. In case of flu-like symptoms, it’s important that you reassure your customers with an easy online rescheduling process. Choose a software like Ovatu or Fresha to manage your bookings and decrease extra time spent in the salon.


  1. Hand sanitiser ready

Place the hand sanitisers in a visible spot at the entrance and kindly invite everyone to use it freely. Preferably go for a smell-free option to suit all tastes.


  1. Protect yourself & others

Ask your customers to come in wearing a mask and provide your staff with PPE. Also, consider complimentary single-use masks for customers who forgot theirs, and invite everyone to keep it on during the appointment.


  1. Single customers only

Before their appointment is due, remind your customers to visit your salon alone (no pets or guests allowed) to avoid unnecessary contacts. This would help your staff and other customers to feel safe and comfortable about the space they are sharing.


  1. Contactless payments

Opt for electronic payments via cards or phone rather than cash: it’s the quickest and safest way to deliver a pleasant customer experience.


  1. Take your time

Give yourself enough time to stretch, rest, eat & drink. Being still during lockdown means it may take a bit longer to adjust back to your usual work rhythm. It’s okay to feel tired and rusty after so many months. Spread your appointments on different days if necessary.

On the first week, give yourself 30 minutes extra between each appointment – your body will thank you later.


Important! Don’t forget to check all mandatory requirements www.gov.uk 

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