Why Salon Hygiene Matters

Why Salon Hygiene Matters

The Cleanest Salon On The Block

Growing your lash business involves more than just delivering a beautiful set of lashes. Offering a clean, hygienic environment for your clients is essential to building a reputable salon. First impressions matter to your clients—so make sure you’ve swept the floors, laid out newly washed, clean-scented towels or silky couch roll, and sanitised all your lash tools properly and effectively.

Clients trust their lash artists with the most delicate part of their face—their eyes. They deserve professionals who follow clear and strict sanitising procedures and use the right cleaning equipment. Wow them with your top-notch lash skills, but keep them coming back by offering a friendly and hygienic environment.

Here are 5 ways to show clients that hygiene is your top priority:

  1. Talk to your clients. Don’t be afraid to chat through your cleaning and sterilising procedure with them. It will give them a sense of confidence and they’ll trust that you care about the well-being of your clients as much as you care about your lash techniques. Say out loud that you’re now going to sterilise the equipment and talk them through the steps. When you leave to wash your hands, inform them of what you are doing. When you hand them a new towel, tell them it’s been freshly washed for them. By having natural conversations about salon hygiene, your reputation will soar.

  1. Create a cleaning checklist for your salon. You’ll never miss a step if you refer to a cleaning routine. Tick off your tasks once they’ve been completed and you’ll have a visual cleaning record to impress your clients. You’ll want a daily checklist for tasks like washing windows, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and maintaining a pleasing salon appearance. But it’s also important that you have a hygienic checklist for cleaning procedures in between clients too. This will involve washing your hands in hot, soapy water, cleaning your equipment with Saloncide or another disinfectant of your choice, sterilising your tools with a UVC LED steriliser, and laying out fresh towels or linens. Your cleaning checklist will not only show clients that you value a hygienic workplace—it will also ensure that your staff know what’s expected of them and that they adhere to the same standards you’ve set out.
  1. Invest in the right cleaning equipment. Your tools must be sanitised and germ-free between each client. Thanks to new technology, this doesn’t mean you need to buy a bulky, heavy-duty, old-school steriliser that you can barely lift. Instead, consider a portable steriliser like Lash Heaven’s UVC LED Steriliser. It’s never been simpler or quicker to sanitise your equipment. Just lay all of your lash tools in the steriliser--lashes, tweezers, scissors and more--and close the cover. The steriliser will complete the cleaning process in just 59 seconds using UVC, which is also widely used on medical equipment in hospitals and is known to kill 99.9% of germs. It’s also voice activated and once the sterilisation process is complete, you and your clients will both hear that the tools are ready for use. This type of voice-activated transparency gives your clients another added layer of comfort. When they see you using the latest technology for hygienic purposes, they’ll trust your judgement and professionalism. Lash Heaven’s UVC LED Steriliser is quick, convenient and affordable, ensuring you can get back to doing what you do best—lashing.
  1. Store your tools hygienically. Store all your products in a place that is free from dust and in a dry place, like air-tight boxes and drawers. It’s likely you’ll want special storage equipment like a tweezer case, but you can also leave your day-to-day tools in your steriliser. This is ideal as we recommend sterilising all tools and lashes first thing in the morning. Do this with your UVC LED Steriliser before your first client arrives and you’ll be ready to start the day on time and in perfect hygiene health.
  1. Think about the environment. Salon cleaning equipment has historically been associated with negatively impacting the environment. But there’s no reason lash artists can’t think “green”. It’s time to ditch harmful chemicals and consider the environment as you implement health and hygiene standards. When you wash towels and linens, make sure the washing machine is as full a load as possible before starting the cycle. As you sterilise your lash tools, consider a steriliser that uses LED, which is energy-saving and more environmentally-friendly. Turn off the lights in the parts of your salon when you’re not using those areas, and consider emailing receipts to customers instead of printing out copies. Reduce the negative impact you have on the planet and don’t be afraid to share with clients the ways in which your lash salon is “going green”. You can share this in your newsletters, on social media and on your digital receipts.

Salon hygiene is so important. Think of it from your clients’ perspectives—they want to feel like they are in the hands of a skilled lash artist and in the cleanest salon too. Give them both and they’ll become your best customers and your best ambassadors too. Your attention to establishing a safe and hygienic lash salon is what will set you apart from the competition and grow your business. 1,2,3, clean!

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