7 Steps for Avoiding Germs While lashing

7 Steps for Avoiding Germs While lashing

As lash artists, we get up close & personal with our clients. So how do we avoid germs and keep ourselves fit and healthy during the season of coughs, colds and flu?
It's quite simple really. Minimise your exposure to germs with our 7 easy tips. Staying healthy will allow you to be the best lash artist you can be.

    1. Wear a face mask.

      A face mask will act as a barrier between any germs and your nose and mouth-- the two areas which happen to be the most sensitive places to catch illnesses. Wearing a face mask while lashing is a MUST. Our favourite reusable face mask is Vogmask. For one-time use masks, we recommend: a Disposable Face Mask, Carbon Filter Face Mask, or our Cute Face Masks.

        2. Use Saloncide to clean your tools and cleansing brushes. 
          Cleaning all your tools in between clients is so, so, so important. Using Saloncide is a quick and easy way to disinfect your utensils from any germs and bacteria and get them ready for your next client. It's a favourite in the industry for reason.
            3. Use a UVC steriliser and kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. 
              Our UVC LED Steriliser is an amazing tool for all lash artists. It adds another layer of protection from any kind of bacteria that is on your tools and equipment. After you’ve used Saloncide just pop all your tools in the steriliser for 59 seconds and ta-da! You can also kill germs from any other items you have; keys, mobile phone, etc. We love this amazing, easy-to-use, cleaning accessory.

                4. Wash your hands frequently.

                Seems like an obvious tip, but it really is so important to wash your hands. This is where germs spread the most, so be sure to use soap and have a good wash of your hands in between clients as well as after lunch and toilet breaks. You really will protect yourself from coughs and colds this way.

                  5. Use hand sanitiser.

                  At this time of year, hand sanitiser should be your best friend. Every time you pause to do something during an appointment that's not lash-related, (answer your phone, open the door, sign for a delivery--we all do it), use hand sanitiser before going back to your client. We recommend keeping a bottle next to your lash tray.

                    6. Use new couch roll after each client.

                    There's a reason couch roll is used in hospitals. Couch roll reduces contamination and shows you care about hygiene and cleanliness. A must in the beauty industry.

                    7. Reschedule a client if they seem unwell.
                      Now this might be a tricky one. Of course, you don’t want to upset or offend your clients. But would you rather politely inform them that you cannot do the treatment and reschedule or would you rather make yourself unwell and have to cancel a full day or two of clients? We know what we would prefer.
                      So there you have it. 7 simple tips for avoiding germs. Now tell us, what are your best tips for staying healthy while lashing?

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