Women Lash Journey

Woman's Lash Journey
Clients goes through phases when they prefer volume instead of classic set, or Kim K lashes instead of Hybrid. But looking back, I remember when these were not even an option and we were over the moon to find a curler even if it had thick mascara on the rubber.
  1. Mascara
  2. Classic Lashes
  3. Strip Lashes
  4. Fibre Mascara
  5. Attempt to lash myself
  6. Custom Made Strips
  7. Cluster Lashes
  8. Lash Curler
  9. Lash Lift
My Personal Lash Journey
1. Mascara - used it in my teens and 20s. Who didn't use mascara??
2. Classic Lashes - my first experience in 2006, curl B, 0.20s, 13mm and about 25 on each eye. Cost me £45 and I pulled them out by the evening because of the discomfort.
3. Strip Lashes - tried in my 20's, couldn't figure it out how to apply, did not touch them again until late 30's for very special occassion when my eyes were bald.
4. Fibre Mascara - Remember the spider look, guilty of buying it, with one layer of white fibres and then coated with black mascara to make the lashes look longer. When they snapped, it was RIP natural lashes.
5. Attempt to lash myself (ouch) - tried it after one of lash artist said hers were done by herself, it stung like £$^@(£^@*&$^£$!@ and I blinked and eyelashes got stuck together. I promised to God and myself, I will never do it again.
6. Custom Made Strips - I did not do them, didnt have the patience. But I asked a very talented lash artist (Marina) to create a pair for me.
7. Cluster lashes or Express Lashes were bundled lash fans with a knot at the end. I bought them, didn't know how to put them on properly to look human, so binned them after being in my make-up bag for few weeks. 
8. Lash Curler - Yes, I did have a few of them along with my mascara days and I did love them when my lashes were thicker, fuller and longer. I remember the days, when I was told to quickly blow-dry for better results of the curl, if you had it on that few seconds too long, you would burn your eyelids. Lol.
9. Lash Lift & tint - unfortunately for my asian eye with delicate thin lashes, the effect would not have enough impact for me to consider lifting/perming my lashes.
Thank you for reading. 

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