Summer is BACK? How are you coping in this hot & humid weather?

Summer is BACK? How are you coping in this hot & humid weather?

As the summer sun heats up, so do the challenges for applying and maintaining those gorgeous lash extensions. But don't worry, we've got you covered with these top tips to ensure the lash extensions stay stunning throughout the hot and humid season. 

I have put together few tips to remind you what to do during this humid weather, for YOU, your CLIENTS and our feisty little GLUE! 


You (the most important)

  1. Always stay hydrated, get a bottle of water and add some ice-cubes while working
  2. Ensure you have few breaks throughout the day to allow blood circulation and avoid swelling
  3. Wear comfortable and airy clothes to avoid sweating. No tight clothing or shoes. 
  4. Ensure you are sitting in the coolest area of the salon (no direct sunlight and ideally where there is a bit of a draft/fan)
  5. Remember to use all your skills what normally work may need to be adjusted slightly when the weather & room conditions changes. For instance;
    1. ... placing the extensions and holding it a sec longer to ensure better bond
    2. ... instead of placing from above, you need to place from underneath. 
    3. ... hold the isolation slightly longer to avoid stickies
    4. ... cleaning the lashes twice or use primer which you normally never do. 
    5. ... take out the de-humidifier and remove moist in the room.


The client

  1. Clean the lashes really well before the treatment to avoid any residue of sweat and oil on the lashes prior to the treatment. This could be a reason why the extensions are not sticking / bonding to the natural lashe
  2. Remind them of the Aftercare
    1. Avoid heat and sweating after the treatment
    2. No rubbing the eyes
    3. Always wash hands prior to touching the lashes / eyes
    4. No suncreams, oily products in creams, removers, foundations, serums etc
  3. Schedule regular top-ups, they may need to come one week or few days earlier than normal appointments
  4. Keep in touch with their lash artist (you) for advice and solutions
  5. Take a little more extra care with the extensions


The Glue (can be a bit temperamental)

  1. Choose right adhesive and/or adjust the way you normally work. During the hot and humid weather, glues may dry quicker, which means you need to work faster. Not always easy, we know! 
    1. Our advice is to use a bit more glue with your favourite adhesive, hold 1-2 seconds longer to make sure the extensions have really cured and bonded well with the natural lash. 
    2. If above does not seem to work, then choose another adhesive who works in more humid conditions, that have 1-2 seconds longer dry time. So, you can work the way you normally do, but also get that added second of dry time.
  2. Don’t brush so frequently. If lashes are brushing off, its mainly due to 3 factors;
    1. Client has oily residue on their natural lashes (clean, prep and prime is key) - step 1 (The Client) 
    2. The extensions have not bonded / cured to the natural lashes (adjust your way of working) - step 1 (The Glue)
    3. Have you placed the lashes well? The best method for best attachment? (You - Step 5)
  3. Give a thorough aftercare advice to your client, you will notice during the treatment if the client is prone to oily skin, sweating, does/does not clean their lashes well, ask what products they use (oil/oil-free?), what are they up to in the next few days/week and advice accordingly. 



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