Flexi-Tape 12mm x 7m - Lash Heaven
Flexi-Tape 12mm x 7m - Lash Heaven
Flexi-Tape 12mm x 7m - Lash Heaven
Flexi-Tape 12mm x 7m - Lash Heaven

Original NICHIBAN Flexi-Tape (12mm x 7m)


This super white breathable tape is gentle to the skin, super thin and soft. Can be used to secure pads, but also on its own for lifting eyelid.

Key Features:

  • Ideal tape for clients with very sensitive skin or likely to develop a rash.
  • Minimal discomfort when removing from skin.
  • Breathable and high moisture, which means the skin will not be dry after removal.
  • The bright white colour enables you to see client's natural lashes making the isolation very easy.
  • The tape is very soft and easy to apply on the desired area.
  • Easy to tear the length required without the need of a scissor.


  • Do not apply on direct wounds or on inflamed area.
  • Peel off horizontally (along) with the skin rather than pull it up from the skin.
  • Do not stretch on application as it may crease the tape.
  • Do not use for a prolonged time, for a full set of lashes is fine.
  • If the client is experiencing discomfort or rashes, flares or itching, please remove immediately.
  • Do not use the tape to secure a wet surface, as this will de-tack the stickiness of the tape.
  • If client has watery eyes, do not use the tape solely over the lower lashes.

Storage: Store in a cold, dry place, away from direct sunlight and ideally in a dust free area. Storing in a container would be ideal. Keep away from infants and children.

Original NICHIBAN Tape Japanese Flexi-Tape (12mm x 7m) 

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