Dolly Eye Mannequinn
Dolly Eye Mannequinn
Dolly Eye Mannequinn
Dolly Eye Mannequinn

Dolly Eye Mannequinn


Introducing Dolly Eye Mannequin, your ultimate companion for honing lash extensions and PMU (permanent makeup) skills—perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals practicing eyelash extensions and intricate eye and brow procedures.

Crafted for lash extension practice, Dolly Eye Mannequin offers a lifelike experience, featuring realistic lashes that simulate the feel of working on genuine lashes. Practice lash extension application effortlessly, and when done, utilize a glue remover to seamlessly remove lashes and adhesive, preparing for another practice session.

This innovative mannequin is convenient, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted training sessions by replacing training lashes. Ideal for novices looking to master lash extensions and seasoned technicians experimenting with new techniques.

But that's not all! Introducing the latest and most authentic eye practice skin designed for PMU artists, academies, and trainers seeking precision and realism in their training materials.

This unique eye practice skin mimics the softness and pliability of real skin, delivering a true-to-life experience. Its ultra-realistic appearance and soft-touch texture make it an indispensable tool for various practices:

  • Eyelash Extensions Classic and Russian Volume
  • Removal of Eyelash Extensions
  • Decorating and creativity of different lash techniques
  • Brow Outline Shapes Perfection
  • Microblading and Microshading
  • Eyeliner Techniques
  • Machine Powder Brows
  • Flawless Makeup Applications
  • Showcasing Different Lash Styles ... and an array of other applications!

Featuring a natural brown eye, soft-touch skin, and a skin tone color, this pliable practice skin guarantees a realistic training experience.

An exceptional addition to training courses, student kits, or as a retail offering within academies, Dolly Eye Mannequin and the realistic eye practice skin empower artists to refine their skills and elevate their craft to unparalleled levels of expertise.

Buy one eye in either blue or brown colour or as a pair.