Glue Shaker
Glue Shaker
Glue Shaker

Glue Shaker


Why shake when you can have a glue shaker?

The glue shaker comes with different attachments for different shapes of glues. Press the button and you glue will be perfectly "shaken and not stirred". A glue that has been properly shaken will have mixed the ingredients to ensure the best "grab". When the glue is not thoroughly shaken, the ingredients can create layers inside the glue bottle, which will affect the retention and workability of the glue.   


  • The rotation reaches up to 25000 rpm, which increases the work efficiency.
  • Waterproof, easy and convenient to use, saves time and effort.
  • Just press the button and wait 10 seconds to shake the bottle
  • Made of high quality ABS material that is safe, durable and wear resistant
  • Designed for shaking liquids such as nail polish, eyelash gel, etc.
  • Requires: 2 x AAA-Batteri



1 x Glue Shaker

6 x Attachments


1x Glue Shaker

3x Attachments