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Glitter Mascara Brushes 50pcs

The Disposable Glitter Mascara Wands can be used to brush the clients eyelash extensions during the eyelash extension application. They can be used with Classic or Volume extensions. With Volume lashes it will give the fans a super fluffy look.
The Disposable Glitter Mascara Wand is alsoa great gift to give to your client after their treatment as a part of their aftercare routine. They can brush their eyelash extensions at home to keep dirt and dust away and to tame their eyelash extensions.
High quality metal spiral bound with a synthetic bristle head. The Glitter Mascara Wands are available in different colours; Hot Pink, Dark Blue/ Blue Glitter, Teal, Light Pink, Purple, Lilac, Dark Blue/ Red Glitter and Purple/Red Glitter.

Pack of 50.