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Pearl Black Adhesive


Pearl Black is the BEST all-round adhesive for lash artists. With up to 7 weeks retention, 1-3 seconds dry time, thin that works well for both Classic and Russian Volume application. It has been a true contender for lash artists. with very varied room conditions and also all experience level. 

The ideal working conditions are 20-28C degrees and 50-70% humidity. Conditions outside of this range may need slight adjustment in either more or less glue. In winter time, Pearl Black is more of a 2-3 seconds glue and in the summer it is a 1-2 seconds glue.


Shake the glue virgourously with the lid on. Slowly dispense a drop of glue and slowly tilt the glue upright and wipe any excess of glue on the nozzle prior to putting the lid back on.

Store the adhesive upright in a cold and dark place. If you are in a hot country, over 30C, we advise you put the adhesive in the fridge and take the glue out to room temperature at least 1 hour before opening the lid.

Self life: 6 months after filling date (see date on the bottom of the bottle).

Once opened, use within 2 months.

*We do not advise stocking up on large quantities of glues. We recommend you only purchase glues that you intend to use within the next 1-2 months and make sure you store them appropriately.

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