Introducing our Volume Lash Essentials Kit – the ultimate companion for lash artists ready to delve into the world of volume lash extensions! Crafted with precision and packed with premium essentials, this kit is your key to mastering the art of volume lash application with finesse and flair.

Inside this compact yet comprehensive kit, you'll find everything you need to unleash your creativity and elevate your lash game to dazzling new heights. Let's explore the treasures awaiting you:

1. Adhesives: Embrace the power of Fierce Black adhesive, specially formulated to deliver unparalleled bonding strength, speed and longevity, ensuring your volume lash creations stand out with bold intensity and lasting impact.

2. Tweezers: Elevate your precision and control with our meticulously crafted tweezers. Choose one tweezer from our "top selling" range from the Eclipse, Blue Sky, Star, to The Artist, each tweezer is designed to cater to different techniques and preferences, empowering you to achieve flawless lash placement with ease.

3. Divine Silk Lashes: Elevate your volume lash designs with our premium Divine Silk lashes, available in both 0.07 and 0.10 thicknesses. Crafted with precision and finesse, these ultra-fine lashes enable you to create breathtaking volume and density while maintaining a lightweight and natural look.

4. Eyepads: Prioritise client comfort and protection with our premium eyepads, designed to provide a snug fit and protect the delicate under-eye area during application, ensuring a luxurious and relaxing experience for your clients.

5. Flexi Tape: Facilitate precision and streamline your workflow with our flexible and gentle Flexi Tape, ensuring optimal lash placement and seamless application process with maximum comfort and ease.

With a staggering £19.81 in savings and an irresistible 25% discount, investing in our Volume Lash Essentials Kit is not just a smart choice for your budding career, but also a savvy one for your budget.

Plus, customisation is key! Simply jot down your preferred lash curl, volume tweezer in the "notes" section at checkout, and we'll tailor your kit to suit your unique style and preferences. If left without a note, our experienced staff will choose one of our "popular" range.

Don't just dream of mastering the art of volume lash extensions – make it a reality with our Volume Lash Essentials Kit. Elevate your lash game and captivate with every flutter. Your journey to voluminous perfection starts here.