Introducing our PRO Classic Eyelash Extensions Kit – the ultimate arsenal for seasoned lash artists seeking perfection in every set! Crafted with precision and packed with professional-grade essentials, this kit is your ticket to elevating your lash game to new heights.

Unleash your creativity and expertise with confidence, armed with an array of meticulously selected tools and premium materials. Let's delve into what this powerhouse kit has in store for you:

1. Adhesives: Our top-tier Pearl Black adhesive, formulated for superior bonding strength and impeccable retention, ensuring your masterpieces stand the test of time.

2. Tweezers: Elevate your precision game with our versatile isolation and pick up tweezers. Whether you prefer a angled, curved, or straight tip tweezers for isolation, we've got you covered for seamless application every time. 

3. Divine Silk Lashes: Experience luxury at its finest with our Divine Silk lashes, available in various thicknesses to cater to diverse client preferences. Included in this kit, you will receive 4 trays of lashes varying between 0.12 to the voluminous 0.20 flat lashes, to achieve unparalleled depth and dimension with ease.

4. Flexi Tape: Maintain optimal lash placement, and ensure a seamless application process with our flexible and gentle Flexi Tape, designed to provide maximum comfort for your clients while facilitating precision work.

5. Eyepads: Prioritise client comfort and protection with our premium contour and crescent-shaped eyepads, crafted to provide a snug fit and shield the delicate under-eye area during application.

6. Application Tools: From mascara brushes to microbrushes and applicators, our kit is equipped with an abundance of essential tools to streamline your workflow and enhance your efficiency, ensuring every lash receives the attention it deserves.

With generous quantities of each essential component, our PRO Classic Eyelash Extensions Kit empowers you to tackle even the most demanding of lash transformations with ease and confidence.

Invest in excellence and elevate your lash artistry to the next level with our PRO Classic Eyelash Extensions Kit – where professional quality meets unparalleled performance. Your clients deserve nothing less than perfection, and with this kit, you'll deliver just that, time and time again.


1 x 3ml Adhesive (Pearl Black) 

1 x Isolation Tweezer (Pointy, Shark, Straight)

1 x Pick Up Tweezer (Edge 45, Curved)

1 x Divine silk 0.12 1 x Divine silk 0.15 1 x Divine Silk Flat 0.20 1 x Divine Silk Flat 0.20

1 x Flexi Tape

10 x Eyepads Contour

10 x Eyepads Crescent

10 x Mascara Brush

10 x Microbrush

10 x Applicator

1 x Crystal/Jade stone 

10 x Glue Stone Sticker 

1 x Superbonder Fixation 

1 x Jasmine Primer 

1 x Gel Remover 

2 x Cleansing Brush 

1 x Maxymova Eyelash Cleanser

(£48.21 savings) 25% savings

* If you want a certain curl please write in the "notes" section at check-out.