Introducing our Classic Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit, the perfect companion for budding lash artists ready to embark on their journey to stunning lash creations! Packed with carefully curated essentials, this kit is designed to kickstart your lash career with confidence and finesse.

Inside this compact yet comprehensive kit, you'll find everything you need to unleash your creativity and transform lashes into works of art. Let's dive into what awaits you:

1. Adhesives: Our premium Pearl Black adhesive to ensure secure and long-lasting lash adhesion, perfect for achieving flawless results every time.

2. Tweezers: Master your technique with precision using our expertly crafted isolation and pick up tweezers. Whether you prefer a pointy, shark, or straight tip, we've got you covered for seamless application.

3. Divine Silk Lashes: Elevate your lash game with our luxurious Divine Silk lashes, this kit contain both 0.12 and 0.15 thickness for a natural as well as mascara look. Achieve natural-looking or dramatic results with ease, tailored to your client's desires.

4. Flexi Tape: Keep those lower lashes in place, aid in lifting the eyelids, separation of natural lashes especially those inner corners and ensure a smooth application process with our flexible and gentle Flexi Tape (original and super white).

5. 2 types of Eyepads: Comfort meets functionality with our contour and crescent-shaped eyepads, designed to provide optimal comfort for your clients while protecting their delicate under-eye area.

6. Application Tools: From mascara brushes to microbrushes, our kit includes all the essential tools for precise and professional application, ensuring every lash is perfectly primed and polished.

7. Crystal/Jade Stone: Elevate your workspace with our premium crystal or jade stone, providing the perfect palette for adhesive application.

8. Glue Stone Stickers: Stay organised and mess-free with our convenient glue stone stickers, ensuring your adhesive stays fresh and ready for action.

With a whopping £25 in savings and a generous 25% discount, investing in our Classic Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit is not only a smart choice for your budding career but also a savvy one for your wallet.

Plus, customisation is key! Simply jot down your preferred curl in the "notes" section at checkout, and we'll tailor your kit to suit your unique style and preferences. Otherwise, our staff will choose a random "popular" curl for you.

Don't just dream of becoming a lash artist – make it a reality with our Classic Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit. Your journey to lash perfection starts here.