ECLIPSE - Lash Heaven
ECLIPSE - Lash Heaven
Eclipse -Lash Heaven
ECLIPSE - Lash Heaven
ECLIPSE - Lash Heaven



The Eclipse Tweezer has a lightweight construction, making them comfortable for lash artists to hold. The Eclispe Tweezer will make volume fanning easy with the angled tip and lift bigger xD fans due to the strong grip and fully closed tip.

The Eclipse Tweezers are ideal for a huge range of russian volume fanning techniques including mega volume and it is one of our favourite tweezers.

Both narrow and wide fans can be created with the Eclipse Tweezer and can be used by beginner and advance volume eyelash technician. Please remember, tweezers are a very individual  preference. What may work for you may not work for
other lash artists.

USE: Volume Application
HOLD: Place index and middle finger on the back leg of tweezer and thumb on the front leg of tweezer.

Finish: Silver finish or Plasma finish or Gold finish.
Length: 11.6cm
Width: 1cm