DLUX Illumination Discovery Kit


DLUX Illumination Discovery Kit

  • GENTLE ON YOUR EYES AND LASHES – ALL FORMULA CONTAINS COSMETIC INGREDIENTS WITH FULLY SAFE– Dlux professional ILLUMINATION eyelash lift kit is fully contained cosmetic ingredients every steps formula basis promotes healthy overall your eye-safe. Avoiding possible chemical damage that can happen with some kits on the market currently.
  • PROVIDES YOU WITH ENOUGH PRODUCT TO PERM 15 CLIENTS – This lash lift kit all in one kit gives you a gentle and safe way to perm your or your client's lashes while reducing the chances of damage that some other perm kits can cause. Everything you need in one perfect little kit. This kit provides you with enough product to Perm 15 clients!
  • PROFESSIONAL LUXURY QUALITY LASH LIFT KIT - All made in Korea, Trusted, and sold in over 42 countries worldwide. High-quality luxury eyelash extension products Shipped directly from Dlux professional.
  • CAN BE PROFESSIONAL LASH LIFT MASTER EVERYWHERE - Dlux illumination eyelash lamination contained How to use kit inside. You can be a professional lash lift master everywhere with minimal effort.
  • PROFESSIONAL EYELASH PERM, LAMINATION KIT - This luxury eyelash lift kit gives you a safe and both way to use for eyelash lamination and gives radiance on your lashes. Everything you need in one perfect little kit. This kit provides you with enough product to Perm in both ways.

1. Please remove contact lenses before use.
2. Make sure the solution does not touch your skin.
3. Do not use it if you have red eyes or any other eye conditions.
4. Consult with your dermatologist if red spots/swelling or irritation occurs
5. Be sure to avoid getting any lotion in your eye.
6. If the solutions get into your eyes or cause irritation, immediately flush your eyes with cool water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.
7. Please keep the product away from children at all times.
8. Keep product away from direct sunlight to prevent damage.
9. The manufacturers, importers, and distributors are not responsible for the misuse and damage caused by this product.

  • Suitable for all eyes
  • Made of non-allergenic and high quality.
  • In a cool Dry space. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • keep away from heat sources.
  • For professional use only.

In a pack you find 1 of each steps.