Beauty Wrapper - Lash Heaven


Beauty Wrapper Cling Film


The multi-functional Beauty Wrapper is used to "speed up" the process, it can be used for the following treatments:


Eyelash Extensions Removal

After putting cream remover, put the wrapper on top of the eye area. This will speed up with processing time for the gel/cream. You can gently push with the tweezers on the extensions (on top of the wrapper) and gently remove the wrapper. The extensions should come with the wrapper. Please continue as normal with the eyelash removal. Please check in advance with the manufacturer if the wrapper can be used with the removal cream/gel.


Lash Lift & Brow Lamination

If you want to speed up the processing time, you can put the Beauty Wrapper on top of the perming lotion. Please check with the Lash Lift brand prior to using the wrapper.


Microblading or Semi-Permanent Make-up

Ideal to use with in conjuction with the numbing cream prior to treatment. Please consult if advised with your numbing cream brand.