Aromafume Spiritual Awareness Incense set
Aromafume Spiritual Awareness Incense set
Aromafume Spiritual Awareness Incense set

Aromafume Spiritual Awareness Incense set


Introducing the Exotic Incense Bricks Diffuser, an absolute must-have for beauty therapists seeking to elevate their salon's ambiance. Crafted for Aromafume incense bricks, this diffuser is meticulously designed to precisely diffuse enchanting aromas without any residue or smoke.

The set comprises a wrought iron diffuser adorned with the Flower of Life, a copper plate, a wooden coaster, a candle, and a collection of 12 incense bricks, including frankincense, benzoin, myrrh, and copal. Alongside this, a comprehensive brochure offers insights into Aromafume, diverse fragrances, and instructions in multiple languages for easy use.

This innovative diffuser, paired with Aromafume Incense Bricks, ensures a clean and effective diffusion of captivating fragrances. Emitting no toxins, ashes, or smoke, it creates a lasting aromatic experience in your salon's reception area, washrooms, or treatment rooms.

To use the Exotic Incense Diffuser and Aromafume Incense Bricks:

  1. Place the diffuser on the provided wooden coaster.
  2. Light the candle and position it inside the diffuser.
  3. Set the incense brick on the copper plate.
  4. Let the candle burn for 45-60 minutes (diffuser will become hot—handle with care).
  5. Extinguish the candle and allow the diffuser to cool.
  6. Dispose of the used incense brick in biodegradable waste.

Remember to follow safety guidelines, such as not leaving the candle unattended and ensuring the flame doesn't touch the plate. Keep the wax pool clear and away from children, pets, or flammable items.

Delve into the heritage of Aromafume, a family-owned Indian company spanning five generations, dedicated to crafting incense and perfumery using a secret ancestral recipe. Rooted in India's rich history of spice and incense trade, their blend of ancient techniques and contemporary fragrances offers a truly transcendent olfactory experience.

Elevate your salon's ambiance and indulge your clients' senses with the Exotic Incense Bricks Diffuser—a perfect fusion of tradition, craftsmanship, and aromatic all