HERO 45˚ - Lash Heaven
Hero 45˚
Hero Rose Gold -Lash Heaven
HERO 45˚ - Lash Heaven
HERO 45˚ - Lash Heaven
HERO 45˚ - Lash Heaven

Hero 45˚


These tweezers are angled at 45 degrees, excellent for classic but also volume pick up, can also be used as isolation tweezers. The tip is very sharp and the foot long, therefore it is easy to pick up multiple extensions. A favourite tweezer for multiple application.  

Comes in matt silver finish.

If you like the 45 degrees angled tweezers or the Vetus ST-17 for isolation, you will love these tweezers.

Finish: Silver and Rose Gold

Length: 12cm

Tip Length:

Rose Gold- 8mm

Silver- 9mm.

Please note that tweezers are a very individual preference, what may work for you may not work for other lash artists.

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