Spirit [NEW]

Spirit [NEW]


These L shaped tweezers are a favourite amongst Russian Lash Artists for their volume fanning and pick-up, especially mega volume. It's strong foot and good grip can easily hold fans up to 8D if not more.

The shape, angle and foot is a favourite shape for many lash artists who does Russian Volume lashing. It has a slightly longer L boot foot than our other volume tweezers and is ideal for all types of volume fanning. 

Like most of our own branded tweezer range, the tweezer is light, comfortable to hold, with the perfect grip and tension and comes in beautiful finish.

Both narrow and wide fans can be created and perfect for both beginners and expert lash artists. 

Please remember, tweezers are a very individual preference.
What may work for you may not work for other lash artists.


Length: 11.5cm

Length of the tip: 1cm