Eye Patches - Contour shape
Eye Pads - Contour - Lash Heaven
Eye Pads - Contour - Lash Heaven

Eye Patches - Contour shape


Experience the utmost comfort and expert care with our Contour Eye Pads, specially designed to enhance the eyelash extension process and deliver a soothing, refreshing sensation to your client's skin while providing comprehensive protection for lower lashes.

Crafted with a stretchy, flexible material, these eye pads exhibit an exceptional adaptability, suitable for a wide array of eye shapes. What sets them apart is their wider profile on one side, ensuring that they remain securely in place during treatment. For clients with oilier skin or those prone to subtle facial movements, a simple solution exists – the application of small segments of flexi-tape, micropore, transpore tape to secure the pads in position.

Our Contour Eye Pads aren't confined to eyelash extensions alone; they serve a dual purpose by effectively safeguarding lower lashes during tinting or the perming/lifting/colouring process for a client's natural lashes. Placing these pads on top of the lower lashes ensures comprehensive coverage and protection throughout.

Instructions: To optimise the use of our Contour Eye Pads, commence by diligently cleansing and drying your client's face. Gently detach the patch from its plastic film and apply it beneath the eyes prior to commencing the eyelash extension application. For removal, exercise patience and proceed gradually from the edges.

Caution: While our Contour Eye Pads provide numerous benefits, it is crucial to exercise care and prudence. Store them out of reach of children, and exclusively use them externally. Should accidental contact with the eyes happen, promptly rinse with saline solution. In the event of skin or eye irritation, or any signs of redness, immediate removal is advised. Additionally, these pads should be avoided on skin with known sensitivities to bandages, tapes, or peel-off masks, as well as on blemished, pimpled, irritated, or sunburned skin.

To ensure optimal performance, use our Contour Eye Pads immediately after opening.

Ingredients: Crafted with the finest ingredients, our Contour Eye Pads boast a composition of Water, Glycerol, Aloe Extract, and Vitamin C1, harmoniously working to provide the utmost comfort and protection.

With each purchase, you'll receive a perfectly paired set of Contour Eye Patch.