Maxymova LIFT and CURL combo shield set

Maxymova LIFT and CURL combo shield set


Universal silicone curlers - for Eyelash Lamination, LIFT and CURL, with glitter.
Curlers Set - 8 pairs Universal Curlers

The new set of 2 types and 8 sizes curlers for all lashes.

Delicate colours with added glitter. Ultra soft silicone.

Purple colour for LIFT. They are suitable for straight and growing up lashes.

Size: S1, M1, L1, XL1

Blue colour for CURL.They are suitable for Asian eyes, for eyes with drooping lids and for eyelashes that grow downwards.

Size: S, M, L, XL

The lashes should cover 100% of the curler.

Silicone (autoclavable)

Mix of 8 pairs: S, M, L, XL (CURL) - S1, M1, L1, XL1 (LIFT)

Professional use only.

Contains 8 pairs of curlers.

Colours: blue and purple.

Made in China.