Maxymova Hummingbird Lamipad
Maxymova Hummingbird Lamipad

Maxymova Hummingbird Lamipad

The LamiPad Colibrì Professional Palette is an essential accessory for beauty professionals, especially for those who deal with eyelash and eyebrow lamination. This silicone palette is designed to facilitate the application and mixing of products such as oils, creams, keratin and dyes.
Product Details:
- Dimensions: 10cm x 15cm
- Colour: Transparent with shades of purple and light blue
- Material: High quality, non-porous silicone
- Versatile for dispensing and mixing products
- Design that ensures cleanliness and convenience of 'use
- Easily cleanable with water and sanitized
- 8 recesses for the simultaneous use of different products
- Compatible with the metal base for brushes (sold separately)

Use the palette to dispense and mix products for lamination. Apply the product into the recesses and use the appropriate tools to mix. After use, clean the palette with water. For a deeper clean, the palette can be sanitized and sterilized as needed.