Maxymova golden eyelash lifting tool
Maxymova golden eyelash lifting tool

Maxymova golden eyelash lifting tool


The MAXYMOVA Golden Eyelash Lifting Tool is the perfect accessory to make your lash lifting experience even more perfect, and at the same time help reduce the use of plastic .

Unlike traditional plastic combs such as the "Y brush" that break often, the MAXYMOVA Golden Tool is made of resistant metal, with very strong teeth that last over time. In addition, the MAXYMOVA Golden Tool is equipped with two types of precise combs, with 15 wide-spaced teeth and 18 short-spaced teeth , to comb the eyelashes quickly and precisely while applying on the curler.
Even if one tooth does break off, there are many others available, ensuring a long product life.
 In addition, the 0-15 mm measuring ruler helps you measure your client's eyelashes to choose the right curler faster.
With its advanced design and the highest quality and durability of the steel with which it is made, the MAXYMOVA Golden Tool offers a professional and one-of-a-kind eyelash lifting experience, and is ideal for use in different conditions, satisfying the needs of eyelash professionals.

It allows you to spread and order the eyelashes on the curler in a comfortable and precise way.
With its case included, it is also convenient to carry and allows you to make your eyelash lamination even more professional.