Noir Silk Volume
Noir Black Lashes - Lash Heaven
Noir Black Lashes - Lash Heaven


Noir Silk Volume


These are the blackest lashes we stock. Noir means "Black" in French because these lashes are deep black in colour with a touch of gloss. The Noir lashes are slightly less tapered than the Divine Silk range, which makes the lashes look longer, darker and more captivating.

Noir range are ideal for a majority of Russian Volume eyelash Techniques on the strip (especially the sticky dot technique and pull-lift-put back on the strip techniques) because the tape has the perfect amount of stickiness which facilitate in making the bases narrow to get that "Perfect Fan". If you do not like the tape to be sticky, then choose our other range of lashes (Divine Silk or PRO).

The Noir lashes have been tested on their quality, use of various volume techniques, tape acceptance by master lash artists. We can confidently say that these lashes has exceeded all our expectations in how amazing they are to work with as well as how they look on clients.

Each tray comes with 16 rows.

C & CC MIXED TRAY (7-13MM) - 7MM x 1 / 8MM x 2 / 9MM x 3 / 10MM x 3 / 11MM x 3 / 12MM x 3 / 13MM x 1

D MIXED TRAY (8-13MM) - 8MM x 2 / 9MM x 3 / 10MM x 3 / 11MM x 3 / 12MM x 3 / 13MM x 2

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