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Divine Silk Volume


At the heart of our lash collection, you'll find the beloved Divine Silk lashes, revered by professional lash artists worldwide. These lashes are nothing short of exceptional, boasting a rich, deep color that adds allure to any set. What truly sets Divine Silk apart is its unrivaled softness, accompanied by a captivating semi-gloss finish that exudes luxury.

The Divine Silk lashes feature a meticulously designed 3mm strip, offering a unique adhesive experience. Unlike our Intense Silk range, this strip is intentionally less sticky, yet it maintains effortless peel-off capabilities. Handling these lashes is a breeze, ensuring your lash applications are swift and precise.

But what truly defines Divine Silk is the artistry in its design. The lashes feature delicately tapered tips, creating a profoundly soft and natural appearance that your clients will adore. These lashes are a canvas for creativity, allowing you to craft captivating lash designs with ease.

Designed for versatility, the Divine Silk range excels in Russian Volume Lash Techniques, including fanning on 3m tape, the sticky dot technique, and the pinching method. These lashes offer a dynamic range of possibilities to bring your lash vision to life.

The Divine Silk curls exhibit a tighter, more dramatic curl compared to our Intense Silk range, adding depth and dimension to your lash creations. Crafted from the highest and purest quality PBT fibers sourced from South Korea, the premium quality of Divine Silk is evident in every lash you fan.

Each tray of Divine Silk lashes includes a generous offering of 16 meticulously arranged rows, ensuring you have an extensive palette to work from. Choose from our thoughtfully curated mixed trays to suit your unique preferences and clientele:

  • C and CC Mixed Tray (7-13mm) - A versatile assortment of 7mm to 13mm lengths.

    • 7mm X 1
    • 8mm X 2
    • 9mm X 3
    • 10mm X 3
    • 11mm X 3
    • 12mm X 3
    • 13mm X 1
  • D Mixed Tray (8-13mm) - Ideal for dramatic designs, featuring lengths from 8mm to 13mm.

    • 8mm X 2
    • 9mm X 3
    • 10mm X 3
    • 11mm X 3
    • 12mm X 3
    • 13mm X 2
  • B 5/6/7/8 Mixed Tray - A harmonious blend of 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm lengths.

    • 5mm x 3
    • 6mm x 3
    • 7mm x 5
    • 8mm x 5
  • C 5/6/7 Mixed Tray - A stunning collection of 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm lengths.

    • 5mm X 4
    • 6mm X 5
    • 7mm X 5
  • C and CC 6/7/8 Mixed Tray - Offering 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm lengths for a dynamic lash experience.

    • 6mm X 4
    • 7mm X 5
    • 8mm X 5
  • C, CC, and D 12/13/14 Mixed Tray - A versatile blend of 12mm, 13mm, and 14mm lengths.

    • 12mm X 4
    • 13mm X 5
    • 14mm X 5

Elevate your lash artistry with the Divine Silk collection, where artistry meets perfection.

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