Stamford Egyptian Musk Incense Sticks

Stamford Egyptian Musk Incense Sticks

Stamford Egyptian Musk Incense Sticks

Stamford Egyptian Musk  Incense Sticks fill your home and salon with gorgeous woody scent and create the perfect atmosphere. Egyptian Musk  is a naturally sensual fragrance that soothes the mind and reawakens the senses for blissful relaxation and perfect balance.

Directions for Use: Fit the incense stick in to an incense burner or stand. Light tip of coated end of incense stick, using a flame. Once the tip is glowing, carefully blow out the flame.

Number of Sticks: Approximately 20

Stick Length: Approximately 23 cms

Burn Time per Stick: About 30 minutes

Made In: India

More About Stamford Incense
Stamford incense is a company that likes to develop great value beautifully scented incense that is wonderful for home and salon fragrance. The scent of the incense tends to be quite perfumed when you smell them in the box and leaves a lovely scent that lingers in your home or work.