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Nanomister - Lash Heaven
Nanomister - Lash Heaven
Nanomister - Lash Heaven



A nanomister can be used to hydrate, restore and reduce wrinkles on the skin.

However, it is also used to keep client's lashes a tad moist before, during and after the treatment of eyelash extensions. When lashes are a tad moist, it helps to cure the glue and the natural lash absorbs the glue more effectively. It can also reduce discomfort and fumes from the glue.


Use a nanomister to spray clients lashes with eyes closed gently from eye to eye from about 20-30cm away. Do not get the lashes wet, but just a gentle mist to keep lashes a tad moist prior, during and after the treatment. It takes one hour to fully charge and can be used for up to 50 times. An instruction manual and a cable is coming with this light weight nanomister.

We recommend

  • Use with distilled water or saline only.
  • No tap water due to limescale can block the nozzle.
  • Let the nanomister air dry from time to time to prevent build up of bacteria, limescale etc.
  • Gently wipe clean on a daily basis.


- Do not spray directly into eyes

- Do not use alcohol, detergent or products containing mercury, alkaline or acidic on the nanometer

Nanomister comes with a 3 months warranty.

No returns or exchange once this product has been used.