Pointed wooden cotton buds (100pcs)
Pointed wooden cotton buds (100pcs)

Pointed wooden cotton buds (100pcs)


This multi-purpose pointed cotton buds are perfect for eyelash extensions as well as lash lift.

Lash Lift

Use this to attach the natural lashes on the shield/rod, but also when applying each step of the lash lift lotions because it enables you to put a really thin layer, closer to the lash line and also easier to apply than applicators or brushes.

Eyelash Extensions

The super pointed brush is great for removing make-up residue, dirt around the eye area. Great for applying pre-treatment, primer and super-bonder. You can get really close up and you will have better control compared to other brushes. Be mindful not touching eyelash glue with this brush.

1. material:  wooden stick, 100% cotton buds

2. package: 100pcs in 1 ziplock bag

3. length: 7 cm

4. multi-purpose brush for lash lift, extensions, brows and SPMU