Treatments & Pricing

Services & Prices

All new customers are required to have a patch test 24 hours prior to their appointment to comply with health and safety regulations before any treatment takes place.

To book your appointment, please email or give us a call on 07727 595170. We require a non-refundable £30 booking fee to secure any appointments.

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are when one extension is applied to each lash, creating a natural/mascara look.

Treatment  Lash Stylist Master Stylist Pro   Stylist
Classic Executive £55 £65 £75
Classic Infill (60min) £30 £35 £45
Classic Infill (75min) £35 £40 £50

2D Hybrid

With Hybrid lashes, we apply a mixture of individual and 2D extensions to create a look that is slightly fuller than Classics.

Treatment  Lash Stylist Master Stylist Pro   Stylist
2D Hybrid Full Set £65 £75 £85
Hybrid Infill (60min) £35 £40 £45
Hybrid Infill (75min) £40 £45 £50

Russian Volume

Russian volume lashes are when multiple lash extensions are applied to each lash between 2-6D. This creates a fuller and fluffier look.

Treatment  Lash Stylist Master Stylist Pro   Stylist
Glamour 3-4D  £85 £95
Red Carpet 5-6D  £95 £105
Kim K £105 £115
Infill (75min) £50 £60
Infill (90min) £60 £70
Infill (105min) £70 £80

Lash Lifts & Brows

Treatment  Lash Stylist Master Stylist Pro   Stylist
Lash Lift £45 £45 £55
Brow Tidy £10 £15 £20
Brow Define £25
HD Brows £40