About LH Salon

Welcome to our Lash Heaven Salon in Ruislip.

Launched in 2018 by experienced lash artist Sylvia Liu, our Lash Heaven Salon focuses on quality workmanship so that clients can maintain their gorgeous lashes on a regular basis.

Our stylists have received top training and are consistently assessed on their performance. We place a very high emphasis on our techniques, so you can be rest assured that our lash stylists are some of the most experienced in West London.



We always conduct an in-depth consultation for each customer to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and to provide you with all the information you need.

We offer everything from Classic Lashes to full glamour and our most sought after Russian Volume Lashes. We use a range of different lengths and curls suited for all different eye shapes. We also offer “Ombre” and different coloured lashes for customers who aren’t afraid to try something a little out of the ordinary! 


About our founder 

“I absolutely love every aspect of the eyelash industry. From how lashes are made to lashing clients and joining conferences and competitions. I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had to meet so many talented lash artists who share the same passion as myself.” – Sylvia Liu

Sylvia Liu is the founder and owner of Lash Heaven, a successful salon based in Ruislip, which specialises in lashes and brow artistry.

Sylvia was trained by Lash Perfect, one of the UK market leaders in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. 

Having robust and intensive training with many lash academies all over the world, Sylvia became very passionate about the industry and continued developing her techniques, offering first class services for all of her clients.

In 2015, Sylvia created her very own line of Lash Heaven products which have become very popular within the lash industry and are consistently mentioned by lash artists on social media.

Sylvia has trained with many well-known lash masters and is often either speaking at lash conferences, judging lash competitions, or attending beauty shows. She continuously applies her knowledge to improve and update her skills in lash artistry and within Lash Heavens products.