Saloncide Hand Spray 100ml - Lash Heaven
Saloncide Hand Spray 100ml - Lash Heaven

Santising Hand Spray by Saloncide (100ml)


The Ultimate Alcohol Free Disinfectant Hygiene System . It can be used on the skin to disinfect your hands prior to treatment. Can be used regularly because it does NOT dry your hands. 


Spray disinfectant spray on dry hands to wet them thoroughly, Massage liquid into skin, ensuring you do not forget fingers, thumbs and webbing. Allow hands to dry naturally use a clean, disposable paper towel to wipe away liquid but do not rinse off the disinfectant.

Water, Quaternary Ammonium EC registered chelating agent. All actives are supported under EU BPR Active Substance Review Programme for use with human hygiene. 

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